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Preschool is a time when your child improves coordination, learns complex games, and begins to interact with others. Our preschool program focuses on developing the total child, while nurturing each individual child’s potential, building on past successes and acquired skills, and strengthening his or her cognitive skills (auditory processing, attention skills, comprehension, visual processing memory and problem solving).

Our preschool program incorporates our TEKS-based curriculum (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills). This curriculum is designed to help develop essential readiness skills through play and investigation, promote best practices, and provide new language and social navigation skills.

In preschool, our childcare providers will build upon existing language skills as we introduce literature and work to develop alphabet skills, the ability to distinguish sounds in spoken words and beginning phonics. We hope that by acquiring these skills, your child will develop a lifelong love of reading.

Your preschooler will spend time in math and science, mastering skills through hands-on experiences. Our preschool classrooms and learning center rotations encourage students to explore new challenges at a pace that is at their comfort level. In math, children are introduced to numbers, as they learn to sort, group, and count. Our science centers allow your child to explore with textures, sights, and sounds and to learn to care for nature and all its creatures.

Art projects and music are a vital part of our preschool program allowing your child to express their creativity in many different ways as well as helping to build your child’s confidence and gain independence.

For physical development, our outdoor playground provides a challenging and creative assortment of activities to help students develop gross motor skill while having fun. Your child will refine coordination as he or she runs, jumps, climbs, throws, swings, and slides.